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Beginner Beekeepers Class - Soergel Orchards Wexford PA



We are excited to have our in-Person New Beekeepers class again this year.  You can register here.

Interested in:


Learning more about bees?

Investing in your local environment?

Producing fresh local raw honey for your family?

Developing an apiary that could bring in additional income?

Well the Beaver Valley Area Beekeepers Association conducts a beginner beekeeping class in February each year at Soergel Orchards in Wexford, PA.  The class is held in McIntosh Hall directly behind the Soergel's main market building.

We will cover our beginner beekeeping curriculum between 9AM and 4PM.  Registration and breakfast are at 8:30AM.

Lunch and handouts are included in the price of admissions.

We have Adult  as well as Youth (under 18)  tickets available.

Click here to register.

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