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We bring together beekeepers of all experience levels throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

Our goals are...
  - Encouraging good beekeeping practices
  - Assisting new beekeepers
  - Educating the general public and government of the honey bees' crucial
role in the natural world.

Since 1978, we have been active in efforts to educate local beekeepers and provide a forum where new developments in beekeeping can be discussed.  We are active in promoting knowledge of the tremendous benefits we, as a society, derive from the humble honey bee.


Our mission is to educate local beekeepers in best practices relating to beekeeping while training new beekeepers and providing a source for mentoring relationships as well as peer to peer collaboration on current beekeeping topics.  In addition to training, we are also focused on increasing awareness with the general public and government of the honey bees' crucial role in the natural world.

Your Privacy

It is our policy to protect your privacy. Any credit card information submitted goes directly to Square Up who handles the transaction. Neither the Western PA Beekeeping Seminar nor BVABA records your credit card information. We do record the other information that you give us such as your name, email address and any demographic information you provide. This information is not shared outside of the the Western PA Beekeeping Seminar or BVABA. It is used to keep in touch with you on seminar or club business as well as to plan seminar and club activities.

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