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So this is my first blog... I declare that so that you don't expect too much out of this effort. I am mainly writing to get the ball rolling on our new blog page, but I would also like to drone on just a bit about my favorite time of the year.

Springtime has to be my favorite time of the year and to clarify - Swarm Season is my favorite time. For me there is nothing quite like finding a nice size swarm and hiving them successfully. I enjoy high swarms, where I get to use my fancy Little Giant Ladder and extension pole and bucket. My personal best is about 27 ft. I enjoy Low swarms where it is easy picking as well even though they are not quite as challenging. Come mid April, I am shaking the winter off of me, and packing my small hatchback with my ladder, pole, bucket, hive body and bee vacuum in anticipation of that first swarm call. The picture shows one of the first swarms from this year - It was a huge swarm that I had to break into two separate hives due to the size. I hived about 15 swarms this year and had a blast doing it.

Of course with all good things, Swarm season has come to a close, and with it my excitement has waned. It will take a long cold winter to get me all psyched up to go hunting swarms again, but it was fun while it lasted.

So that is it - The first BVABA blog, for what it is worth. Hope you come back to check out some of the content from our more accomplished bloggers.


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