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As a member of the club, you are able to advertise on this page - We will list Packages, Nucs, Queens, Beekeeping equipment but not your old car.  In order to list your ad here or make changes to exisitng ads  please send the complete text as well as at least one photograph to

Johnson Apiaries



PACKAGES (Italian and Russian Hybrid)


  • 3lb. Bee Package with Italian Queen - (Unmarked)   $132.00

    ADD $5.00 for marked queen (Total $137.00 with marked queen)


  • 3lb. Bee Package with Russian Queen - (Unmarked) $135.00

ADD $5.00 for marked queen (Total $140.00 with marked queen)  



*Please Note: For bulk orders of 25 packages or more with unmarked Italian queens, the price is $128 per package.


QUEENS ONLY - Italian and Russian Hybrid queens are available 

Italian Queens (unmarked)  - $34.00

Italian Queens (marked) $39.00

Russian Hybrid Queens (unmarked) $37.00

Russian Hybrid Queens (marked) $42.00

Packages available starting the First Week in APRIL 2024 at 2 Locations

Beaver County                     
Johnson Apiaries                 
307 Valley Drive
Rochester, PA 15074

Allegheny County

Country Barn Farm

1246 Saxonburg Blvd.

Glenshaw, PA 15116

To order call:

Tom Johnson (724) 312-7584 (724) 728-6826

Dale Johnson (724) 544-6111

Always Summer Herbs, LLC

Always Summer Herbs, LLC


We have been breeding for mite-resistance with Purdue university since 2015. 


5 frame nucs-Purdue leg chewers ( Mite-biters) $200

5 frame overwintered deeps $250


Mite-biter queens virgins $10

Mite-biter queens mated $49

Mite-biter Artificially Inseminated breeder queen $200



book your order online using above links or send email to: or text 724.967.1957 c.


Bee well, 

Jeff Berta

MS Entomology student UF

McCormack Apiaries, Inc.

Northern overwintered nucs.  Five FULL frames.  $180. 
Marked queen.  Available before the end of April.

Tom McCormack, EAS Master Beekeeper
115 Reesman Drive
Aliquippa, PA  15001

RJ's 1 Acre Farm

55 Beehives for sale

10-Frame Langstroth Beehive Dipped in 100% Beeswax,
Complete Bee Hives and Includes 2ea 10 Frame Deep Hive Bee Box and
1ea 10 Frame Bee Hive Super with Beehive Frames and Foundation,
Top and Screen Bottoms (have solid bottoms as well).

First 40 will get a FREE 1lb 100% Beeswax Block
Unassembled (New): 155ea or 2 for 300

Assembled (New): 185ea

Please Call: 412-770-8607 if interested

Can Deliver if locate to Pittsburgh area.

Tom Johnson downsizing apiary

Mr. Johnson is looking to downsize his apiary. He is looking to sell complete overwintered colonies including bottom board, two deep boxes, inner cover, and top cover. Asking $275 each 

Please Call: 724-312-7584 if interested

McCormack Apiaries Inc. 

For sale:

One and one half gallon open top frame feeders. $5.00 each, 75 available. (used)

20 Telescoping hive covers for 10 frame hives. $15 each. (used)

200 deep frames grooved top and bottom in lots of 100. $100 per 100.


Thank you, Tom

(Please contact Tom if interested)

115 Reesman Drive, Aliqiuippa, PA 15001.


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