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Queen Honey Bees and New Equipment

Northern Queen Honey Bees and New Beekeeping Equipment

Northern Queen Honey Bees raised in our family apiary in Western Pennsylvania. Inspected by PA Department of Agriculture. High quality, mated and laying queens from proven, overwintered stock. Marked with year applicable color.

These are premium queens from our best over wintered stock. The queen bee genetics are a blend of Italian and Carniolan honeybee lines selected for longevity, mild temperament, mite resistance, disease resistance and honey production at Northern latitudes. Queen producing hives are not treated with miticides.

We only sell marked and mated queens that are laying a quality brood pattern.

The queens are $40 each. They are available for local pick up at our family apiary in Glenshaw, PA. Willing to ship via Overnight Express Mail from our farm in Glenshaw, PA. The flat rate express shipping fee is $26.35 no matter how many queens you order.

Also New Beekeeping Equipment For Sale for Local Pickup or shipped to your location. No Nucs or Packages of Bees.

Joe Zgurzynski
Master Beekeeper
Country Barn Farm
Mobile: 412-225-0930


5 Frame Nucs and Mated Queens

(5) Frame, Overwintered Nucs for Sale.

Price $175.

Nucs consist of (3) frames of Brood in various stages of development. (1) Frame of Honey. (1) Frame of Pollen, and a Mated Queen (Raised and Mated in my Beaver County Bee Yards).


Randy McCracken



Mated Queens available sometime in June

Price $35


Bedillion Honey Farm Beekeeping Supplies

See us online for our catalogue of Beekeeping supplies.