Western PA Beekeeping Seminar


This is one of the largest beekeeping seminars in the state. It is usually held the second or third weekend in February.  The initial gathering starts on a Friday night with one of the main speakers sharing on a topic of interest that usually is not handled in the Saturday, all-day event.  The topics have included: Beekeeping in foreign countries; types of pest control around the US and elsewhere; unusual approaches to beekeeping and more. 


The Saturday event usually begins at 7:30 a.m. with 20-25 of the top brand vendors for beekeeping equipment present on site for the day.  Then the morning involves at least two main speakers who are on the front edge of beekeeping in this country or Europe.  The talk about the most current issues impacting the beekeeping industry.  The afternoon involves usually 3-4 breakout sessions that include the main speakers as a well as local and regional beekeepers that have a particular area of expertise that fellow beekeepers what to hear.


The Seminar usually involves a Beginner Beekeeping Session that runs all day in tandem with the main seminar for those new beekeepers that want the full-day education before getting started in their own bee yards.



Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions placed on state to state travel and gathering restrictions at any given time.  The 2021 Seminar has been cancelled.

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