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Earl Smith
Feb 18, 2021
In General Discussions
Hello all, I'm a new member, taking the class, and hope to start two hives in 2022 after hopefully a year of beekeeping education. I've joined two Facebook groups and I see the multitude of issues that face the beekeeper, but three seem to rise to the top. I've gotten the sense (so far) that these three issues are some of the top issues facing beekeepers, but realize these are very general: - ventilation/moisture control - feeding/nutrition, particularly for overwintering a healthy hive - pest control, particularly Varroa Mite detection early and proper treatment May I ask for discussion of these issues, specifically to the Beaver Valley, and how folks might rank these issues from most important to least important for a new local beekeeper to consider? I consider these issues life-or-death issues from what I can tell, so not to discredit swarming, absconding, queen maintenance, hive rotation, subsequent viruses from the mites, or any other issues below the tip of the iceberg I have no clue about. I'm curious about an experienced beekeeper's top three, and if our location plays a part in that top three. Are there other issues that rise to the top that I have not listed? I'm seeing information from around the nation, some even internationally. So, local beekeepers, fellow members, what are the top issues facing us here in the Beaver Valley? Finally, does anyone want to share any must-have books or websites that a local newcomer should have on hand? Thanks! Looking forward to spring!
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