Honey bee Swarms are most often observed during the spring months of April/May/June but can occur as late as September. Swarms are a honey bee colony’s way of reproducing. A large portion of the colony along with the queen will depart in search of a new home, leaving a portion of the colony in the original hive with a new queen.


The Swarm will often land in a temporary spot in order to scout out a permanent place to set up a new colony. The statistics for this swarm are not tremendously good since only about 17% of these swarms will survive unless a beekeeper intervenes. Assuming that the beekeeper can successfully capture the swarm, including the queen, the swarms chances of establishing a new colony increase exponentially.

If you spot a swarm, please contact one of our clubs beekeepers listed below, along with the areas that they service. The beekeeper will be glad to have a new colony of bees and you can take pride in your efforts of helping these daring explorers find a new home.

PLEASE NOTE – Honey Bees DO NOT live in the ground.  If you have a nest in the ground it is not Honey Bees.

Some beekeepers will collect swarms if the location and size of the swarm meets their needs. Persons requesting swarm removal should consider the beekeepers travel expenses and time involved in the collection.

Since 1978, we have been active in efforts to educate local beekeepers and provide a forum where new developments in beekeeping can be discussed.  We are active in promoting knowledge of the tremendous benefits we, as a society, derive from the humble honey bee.



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