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This page is a compilation of regulatory information that is presented to aide our local beekeepers.

“The current Bee Law, passed in 1994, was a collaborative effort between the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers’ Association and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Plant Industry. To increase efficiency of the inspection service, the new law required all apiaries in the state to be registered. The cost of registration is $10 for two calendar years.

All beekeepers are responsible for registering their apiary with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. This can be done online at:
Online Registration

This can also be done using the Mail-in form that can be found at:
Mail-in Registration

The Department of Agriculture publishes some general Best Practices that should be reviewed.

For beekeepers transporting bees – see the following information to prevent the spread of Spotted Lanternfly (SLF)
SLF permit guidelines 3-15-2018

Since 1978, we have been active in efforts to educate local beekeepers and provide a forum where new developments in beekeeping can be discussed.  We are active in promoting knowledge of the tremendous benefits we, as a society, derive from the humble honey bee.



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